The Air War College Alumni Association is a non-profit corporation that exists only to serve AWC Alumni Association Members and the AWC mission.

The mission of the Association is simple:

–     Foster and strengthen a spirit of loyalty and fraternity among AWC graduates

–     Promote continued interest in the activities of the AWC

–     Support the mission of the Air War College to educate senior military and civilian leaders

The association accomplishes this mission by sponsoring AWC events, providing financial backing for the Student and online stores, maintaining the AWC alumni roster/directory, and donating funds as needed to support the AWC mission.


In order to accomplish this mission, there are four strategic priorities guiding the Associations Board of Directors.

–     Reverse the Association’s stagnant/declining membership

–     Grow the Association’s financial resources to more fully support the AWC Alumni Association mission

–     Increase Association effectiveness at the grassroots level

–     Expand support of AWC activities


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