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The USAF Air War College is located on Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama.  The AWC admitted its first class in 1946, graduating 71 students.  Since 1947, the Air War College resident program has graduated over 7,000 Joint and international officers who served in the senior echelon in their respective military service.

The current class of AY15 contains 220 officers in the grade of O-5 and O-6 representing all branches of the military to include the National Guard and Reserve components.  Of the 220 students, 45 are International Fellows representing 43 different partner nations.  Finally, there are 25 civilian students representing numerous specialties resident in the DoD.  The class of AY15 will graduate 21 May 2015.

Board of Directors

The current Alumni Association Board of Directors is composed of all volunteer members and consists of the following:

  • President – Johnny L. Barnes II (elected)
  • Vice President – Dr. James A. Mowbray(elected)
  • Three members, at large – Richard Van Hook; VACANT (x2) (elected)
  • USAF Reserve member* – VACANT (elected)
  • ANG member* – Thomas Sodeman (elected)
  • Commandant’s Liaison* –  VACANT (appointed by AWC Commandant)
  • Member, Five-Year Class –  VACANT (appointed)
  • Class Representative* –  Steven Lang (from the current in-residence class)
  • Secretary – Ms. Sharon D. Coprich (appointed by the President)
  • Treasurer  –  VACANT (appointed by the President)
  • Store Manager – Ms. Jennifer Cunningham (appointed by Board, non-voting)

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